The intentions of Prevention and Early Intervention programs are to engage individuals prior to the development of serious mental illness or serious emotional disturbances, or in the case of early intervention, to alleviate the need for additional mental health treatment and/or transition to extended mental health treatment.

PEI builds capacity for providing early intervention services at sites where people go for other routine activities. Mental health becomes part of wellness for individuals and the community, reducing the potential for stigma and discrimination against people with mental illness.

Shasta County’s PEI plan currently includes the following programs:

  1. Children and Youth in Stressed Families, which includes:
  2. Individuals Experiencing the Onset of Serious Psychiatric Illness
  3. Stigma and Discrimination Reduction/Stand Against Stigma, which includes:
  4. Suicide Prevention

If you are interested in seeing program reports, they can be found on our PEI Program Reports page.