The purpose of Workforce Education and Training (WET) programs is to create a public mental health workforce which includes clients and family members; is sufficient in size; has the diversity, skills and resources to deliver compassionate, safe, timely and effective mental health services to all individuals in need; and, contribute to increased prevention, wellness, recovery and resiliency.

The intent is to provide programs to address identified shortages in occupations, skill sets, and individuals with unique cultural and linguistic competence in public mental health programs.  In addition to Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency, the public mental health system includes community-based organizations and individuals who provide publicly funded mental health services.

Shasta County‚Äôs WET plan currently includes the following programs:

  1. Consumer and Family Member Volunteer Program, which includes:
  2. Residency/Internship

If you are interested in seeing program reports, they can be found on our WET Program Reports page.