The MHSA relies on community input to help us make the most of our programs.  If you would like to join us, email for more information or meeting dates.

Outreach & Engagement

This topic is about how to enhance communication about the MHSA in our community and to engage stakeholders in the process. If you have ideas about marketing, advertising and communications, this group is for you! Work with us to get others involved in designing, planning, reviewing, and making recommendations about MHSA programs. Come help with designing tools and strategies that help people stay informed about the diverse MHSA programs and services.


If you have money on your mind, this topic is for you. Be involved in the MHSA budget development process, make recommendations, and help provide education by collaborating with HHSA staff, community partners, and the others to take the mystery out of the MHSA budget process.

Monitoring, Quality Improvement & Evaluation

Do you have an analytical mind? Do you look for the science behind the art? Are you good at identifying problems and possible solutions? This topic is all about the evaluation process: data reports, quality measures, and outcomes. MHSA would like you to provide input on the review and improvement of MHSA programs and services through effective monitoring, evaluation, and improvement activities.


Stable housing is an essential component of recovery and wellness. The housing needs of MHSA consumers cover a wide spectrum. Your input is needed to help identify barriers to housing and recommend solutions that promote housing options and supports so consumers can find and keep stable housing.

Adults & Older Adults

Using strengths-based recovery approaches, the MHSA provides direct services and programs for adults and older adults. Join in to learn more about these efforts. Connect and collaborate with staff, community members, and others while receiving updates, reviewing progress, and providing recommendations for serving adults and older adults in our community.

Children & Transitional Age Youth

The Children/Transitional Age Youth topic focuses on the direct services and programs provided through the MHSA. Come receive updates and review progress in the programs and services provided to children and transitional age youth. Stay abreast of challenges and successes, share expertise and insights, and connect with others who are invested in the mental health of our youth.

Suicide Prevention & Stigma/Discrimination Reduction

For those who love grassroots efforts with widespread community action, a joint meeting of the Community Education Committee and the Suicide Prevention Workgroup generally addresses this topic. Learn about current projects, successes and challenges, and future efforts from both of these groups.   Stay in tune with local and statewide efforts and see where you can join the action.

Workforce Education & Training

With a focus on local, regional and statewide efforts, this topic is involved with programs that support a public mental health workforce and address the shortage of qualified individuals who provide services. Help pave the way with educational and training opportunities that reflect the MHSA values and support meaningful inclusion of consumers and family members. By reviewing and making recommendations about trainings for existing staff, consumer and family member career pathways, and internships for students, you can help advance a mental health workforce that meets our community’s needs.

Check out our Events page to find upcoming meetings.